Cost-saving Project for


pay lesser - gain better

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How nice would it be if you can...


Reduce your electricity bills by
1,000-5,000 baht a month for 25 years

Pay only 30% for the system 

Pay lesser - Gain better!


How the project works:


Monthly Saving

You can gain the best benefits by choosing the system scale that suits your monthly electricity bills (in the daytime) as presented in Table 1.


Monthly Installment

For instance, if you have bills of about 2,000 baht a month (1,000 baht for the daytime), you may choose the first choice of the system since it's the closest one to your bills. Then, you may check out the cost for installation shown in Table 2.


Pay Lesser Than Ever

As can be seen from the previous table, the total installation fee is 96,171.60 baht. You pay the first down only 30% (28,851.48 baht) and pay monthly 1,355.75 baht for the system. But, since you have saved 1,110.90 baht, the left for you to pay is 244.85 baht only! :D


Profits You Deserve

Paying a small amount monthly for 6 months, you will completely cover the system fee even before the system warranty's expired in the year 10th. This means that you won't have to pay any additional fees during the installment and afterward. On top of that, during the next 10 years, you will surely gain the benefits! How much would that be? Let's check it out! >>>


how to join:

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Cost-saving Project for


pay lesser - gain better

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